“God is not attained by a process of addition to anything in the soul, but by a process of subtraction.”

– Meister Eckhart

“Nicholas Harper is a rare and gifted healer with exceptional skills and a heart of gold. His work is God-centered and deeply transformative.

Few people can put a smile on my face as quickly and effortlessly as Nicholas can. I am fortunate to call him my friend and recommend him highly to all who strive for greater health and happiness in their lives.”

– Stephen Weiss M.D.

“Healing by Subtraction is like 10 years of therapy in 2 hours”

– Moriah MaCleod, LPCC, Clinical Mental Health Counselor

I practice a received spiritual healing technique that I call Healing by Subtraction.

I search for the source of the illness, whether on the spiritual, emotional or physical level, and remove or correct the problem at the source. The source may be in present-life trauma, past-life trauma, or ancestral. I release or neutralize each source and its ensuing patterning from your spirit and consciousness.

This facilitates a more thorough medical, emotional and spiritual healing and enables your own healer within to be more effective.

I feel that most people in need are constantly trying to add something useful, usually on top of something else they added. This is a medical or spiritual energy addiction and creates confusion with their inner healer who is trying to get in touch with our Creator for direct instructions.

Healing by Subtraction works in harmony to enhance your inner ability to receive for yourself what God is willing to share.

– ┬áNicholas Harper